Skydive for Charity - The Children's Society (Social Media Ad)

About Project

Following the success of the first promotional video for The Children’s Society, I was asked to edit some of their old ones to increase engagement. They wanted to encourage more volunteers to sign up to their Skydiving fundraising campaign

Our Role

The brief was simple, but we realised that editing the video would not result in more engagement. The original video used copyrighted music and was not optmised for SEO.  We needed to edit the video so that it would be engaging for multi-platform strategy ( social media, email marketing, mobile, desktop). We then proceeded to tell a story with post-production by giving it a home video effect. We did this to make the video more personalable and the idea of skydiving less frightening. As an expert musiian, I found a royalty free track which was I edited into the video, saving the organisation money and a nasty YouTube copyright strike РREVSCREEN Founder РKatie Debrah


March 2015


The Children’s Society


Social Media Campaign